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Terms of Use

1. Applicability of Terms:

These Terms and Conditions, in so far as they refer to the User, form the contract and agreement between the User and PHIRE (Zest Corporate Solutions(PHIRE(ZCS))), unconditionally. Please review the following rules (“Terms of Use”) that govern the User’s use of our Site as they constitute a legally binding agreement between the User and PHIRE(ZCS). Please note that use of our Site constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use and agreement to be bound by them

In these Terms of Use, references to ‘PHIRE, ‘Zest Corporate Solutions.’ ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ are references to PHIRE. We may change, move or delete portions of, or may add to, these Terms of Use from time to time. Continued Use of the Site by the User following any such change constitutes agreement to follow and be bound by the rules as changed by the User.

2. Right to alter the Services:

Website facility is being offered at the sole discretion of PHIRE(ZCS) and PHIRE(ZCS) reserves the right to add, amend, revise, withdraw, suspend or cancel the usage of this viewable/usable rights of the Website either in whole or in part any of the services which are part of the Website facility, without any prior notice to the User. Any addition, amendment, revision, suspension or cancellation shall be effective and binding on the User. PHIRE(ZCS) may introduce new services (forming part of Website facility) on the Website from time to time. The existence and availability of the new services as part of the Website facility will be notified on the Website as and when they become available.

3. Terms of usage of the Website:

As a condition of accessing the Website and usage of the Website facility, the User unconditionally and absolutely acknowledges and accepts the Terms and Conditions in its entirety.

User further acknowledges that the availability of the information, advice and the guidance, if any, on the Website does not constitute a recommendation (unless indicated otherwise) and is not a solicitation (unless indicated otherwise) by PHIRE(ZCS) or any of their personnel or the experts used by PHIRE(ZCS).

User acknowledges that the decision to select any of the courses offered by PHIRE(ZCS) is solely at his/her discretion and he/she has not been directed or forced to select any courses by PHIRE(ZCS) or its employees.

Compliance with Cyber Security:

User warrant that he/she will not:

• Participate in any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the Site or PHIRE(ZCS)’s systems or networks, or any systems or networks connected to the Site or to PHIRE(ZCS).
• Use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Site or any transaction being conducted on the Site, or with any other person’s use of the Site.
• Attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Site or any network connected to the Site, nor to breach the security or authentication measures on the Site or any network connected to the Site.
• Attempt to reverse look-up, trace or seek to trace any information on any other user of or visitor to the Site, or any other customer of PHIRE(ZCS), including any PHIRE(ZCS) login account not owned by you, to its source, or exploit the Site or any service or information made available or offered by or through the Site, in any way where the purpose is to reveal any information, including but not limited to personal identification or information, other than your own information, as provided for by the Site.
• Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion or feature of the Site, or any other systems or networks connected to the Site or to any PHIRE(ZCS) server, or to any of the services offered on or through the Site, by hacking, password “mining” or any other illegitimate means.
• Attempt to forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any message or transmittal you send to PHIRE(ZCS) on or through the Site or any service offered on or through the Site. You may not pretend that you are, or that you represent, someone else, or impersonate any other individual or entity.
• Attempt to use the Site or any content for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or other activity which infringes the rights of PHIRE(ZCS) or others.
• Attempt to introduce or cause to introduce any computer contaminant and by means of such conduct cause or be likely to cause damage or destruction to PHIRE(ZCS)’s property or disruption of PHIRE(ZCS)’s services.
• Attempt to knowingly or intentionally penetrate or access PHIRE(ZCS) network or systems without authorization or exceeding authorized access; and by means of such conduct carry out an unauthorized transaction or obtain access to information, data or computer database that is restricted.

Viruses and Malicious codes:

User shall pursue all necessary steps to ensure that their machines are virus free while accessing PHIRE(ZCS) Website. User shall refrain from activities like uploading files infected with viruses or malicious scripts/ programs or trying to infect the PHIRE(ZCS) system with viruses, worms & other malicious codes.

Unethical practices:

User warrants that the User will not use any software, tool or code that would hamper or disable all or any portion of the portals or Services offered by PHIRE(ZCS). User also warrants against use of reverse engineering tools to break or harm the portals or services offered by PHIRE(ZCS).

4. Terms of Usage of the Website with specific reference to the Users in connection with their selected courses:

Registration Obligations:

As a pre-requisite for accessing the content on the Website, PHIRE(ZCS) may require you to register for availing the services. You are requested to complete all the required columns and PHIRE(ZCS) retains the right to cross-verify the same by requesting you to provide documentary evidence for the same. PHIRE(ZCS) also reserves the right to terminate the registration in its own discretion for any reason, including but not limited to submission of erroneous/ incomplete/ derogatory/ inappropriate/ incomplete information. PHIRE(ZCS) shall at no times be required to ensure that the details provided by you are up to date and it shall be the duty for each User that the same is duly updated at all points of time.

User ID and User Password:

User acknowledges that he/she would be able to access the Website facility with regard to his/her selected course by using the User ID and the User Password. User further confirms and agrees that he/she will be the sole and exclusive owner and is the only authorised user of his/her User ID and the User Password and accepts sole responsibility for use, confidentiality and protection of the User ID and the User Password as well as for all account transactions initiated through his/her User Account and shall ensure that the User password/s is/are not revealed to any third party or recorded in any written or electronic form. In case the User forgets or loses his/her the User ID or the Password, the User would be able to retrieve his/her User ID or Password by following the procedure on the Website. User undertakes not to disclose the User Password to any person including employees of PHIRE(ZCS). PHIRE(ZCS) will be entitled to levy service charges for generation of new password.

Account Transactions:

User shall at all times be fully responsible and liable for all account transactions that are carried out by the use of the User ID or the User Password registered under the User (“Account Transactions”). If third parties gain access to the services offered as part of the Website facility through the use of the User ID and User Password, the User shall be deemed to be responsible and the User hereby indemnifies and holds PHIRE(ZCS) harmless against any liability, costs or damages arising out of claims or suits by or against such third parties based upon or relating to such access and use.

Any Account Transactions authorised by using the User ID and User Password shall be deemed to be that of and initiated by the User and PHIRE(ZCS) shall treat the transactions as genuine and will carry them out even if given in error, and is not responsible for any mistake/ error made by the User in keying in any details or data or any facts or figures. PHIRE(ZCS) will endeavour to carry out the instructions correctly, but it is the User’s responsibility to check that PHIRE(ZCS) has carried out instructions correctly. If the transaction has not been carried out correctly or an error has occurred, the User should notify PHIRE(ZCS) as soon as possible.

PHIRE(ZCS) would be entitled, at its sole discretion, to seek offline written or other confirmation from the User of any Account Transaction as it may deem fit to ascertain or verify the genuineness of request for Website facility.

User shall follow such procedure laid down by PHIRE(ZCS) from time to time in case of loss of Password. Neither PHIRE(ZCS) nor any of their officers, directors, employees, advisors, affiliates or subsidiaries can or will have any responsibility or liability to the User or to any other person whose claim may arise through the User with respect to any of the circumstances described above.

User must log out of the site that has been accessed and close the web browser else, information about the User may appear on the screen of the computer when it is next used and PHIRE(ZCS) cannot be held responsible for third parties having access to this information.

Unauthorised access:

Users are instructed to use legitimate User ID and Password assigned to them only. Use of access credentials meant for other users will be identified as unauthorised access to the Website and the User may be disabled or barred from using other services. Legal action may be taken as per applicable law. The Site and/or the services may be temporarily unavailable or restricted for administrative or other reasons. If this happens, PHIRE(ZCS) will endeavour to restore their availability as quickly as possible.

Evidence of Transactions:

PHIRE(ZCS)’s own records of the any Transactions maintained through computer systems or otherwise including time of such Transactions shall be conclusive proof of the genuineness and accuracy of the Transactions and binding for all purposes.

Restrictions on Use:

User agree to use the Website strictly for his/her personal use. User agree not to use this Website or the Website facility for any purpose which is manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions or in contravenes any provisions of law or is deemed inappropriate by PHIRE(ZCS). User agree not to use, transfer, distribute or dispose of any information contained in the Website in any manner that could compete or conflict with the business interest of PHIRE(ZCS) or otherwise compromise or imperil the interests of PHIRE(ZCS).

5. Payment instruction:

When PHIRE(ZCS) receives a transaction instruction from the User through online payment mode, we will be entitled to debit any payment plus any charges payable for the transaction from the account, the User have specified. We shall not be liable if any transaction does not fructify or may not be completed or for any failure on part of the bank or the credit card agency to perform any of its obligations. We shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any transaction, on account of the cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by the cardholder with the card issuing entity from time to time.

6. Foreign Jurisdiction:

PHIRE(ZCS) accepts no liability whatsoever, direct or indirect for non-compliance with the laws of any country other than India. The mere fact that the Website can be accessed by a User in or from a country other than India would not mean that the laws of the said country would govern these Terms and/or the use of the Website by the User. PHIRE(ZCS)’s performance of Terms and Condition is subject to existing laws and legal process, and nothing contained in this Terms and Conditions is in derogation of PHIRE(ZCS)’s right to comply with governmental, court and law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of Website or information provided to/ gathered by PHIRE(ZCS) with respect of such use.

7. Intellectual Property Rights:

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all material images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, music, video clips, audio material, text, trademarks or logos, directories, charts, guides, excerpts, opinions, critiques reviews, made available through this Site (collectively, the “Content”) are protected by copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights owned, controlled or licensed to PHIRE(ZCS) and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates and advertisers. The User should assume that everything he/she, see or read or hear or experience on the Website is copyrighted / protected by intellectual property rights laws unless otherwise mentioned and may not be used except as provided in these Terms and Conditions.


Please note that any downloads provided may only be used for promotional, journalistic and/or reporting purposes relating to PHIRE(ZCS) and for no other purpose. All software, multimedia files, photographs, reports and other documents are downloaded at your own risk. We do not warrant the suitability of any such downloads and accept no liability for any problems with your computer that may arise as a result. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any such downloads for your computer, it is recommended that you obtain specialist advice before downloading.

9. Miscellaneous:

• PHIRE(ZCS) may sub-contract and employ advisors to carry out any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions. PHIRE(ZCS) may transfer or assign its rights and obligations under this contract to any Affiliate.
• All Transactions, which cannot be carried out instantaneously, would be carried out during working hours either on the same day or such further period as may be determined and/or specified by PHIRE(ZCS) depending upon the time of logging of the transaction/ nature of transaction. The User is requested to check with PHIRE(ZCS) the estimated time required for completion of transaction/ request, prior to execution of a transaction/ request.
• The performance of our obligations under these Terms may be interrupted and shall be excused by the occurrence of a force majeure event affecting us or any of our sub-contractors.
• All Transactions shall be subject to Government notifications, the rules, regulations and guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, and those of other regulatory bodies defining rules/regulations governing the offer of any service under the Website facility, if any, on which such transactions are executed and/or cleared by PHIRE(ZCS).
• PHIRE(ZCS) also uses third party services for commercial transactions and payments. The security and privacy of those sites are not managed by PHIRE(ZCS), however PHIRE(ZCS) shall be indemnified for any fraudulent transactions or misuse.
• Payment transaction at a cyber cafe/shared computer terminal is risky and the User shall not use the services of a cyber cafe/shared computer terminal to do any such transactions. If so, PHIRE(ZCS) will not be liable for any misuse or fraud committed using such terminals or machines.
• If PHIRE(ZCS) fails to exercise any right or remedy under these terms, this shall not prevent PHIRE(ZCS) from doing so at any time in the future.
• The words ‘including’ or ‘include’ and words of similar effect will not be deemed to limit the general effect of the words which follow them.
• Each provision of these terms will be construed separately and, in the event that any such provision may prove to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provision of these terms will continue in full force and effect.
• he headings to sections will not form part of these terms and will not affect the interpretation of any section.
• Any disclaimers and exclusions contained within these terms will survive termination of these terms.

10. Disclaimer:

User agree to indemnify and keep PHIRE(ZCS) indemnified at all times from all losses, damages, costs, expenses, loss of profits, loss of business, proceedings, actions, suits (including legal fees) caused to or suffered by PHIRE(ZCS) as a direct or indirect consequence of the User actions, including due to breach of Terms due to negligence or default.

We make no warranty regarding the Account Transactions entered into through the Website. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by the User from or through the Website facility or any person shall create any warranty not expressly stated herein.

PHIRE(ZCS), its employees and directors, its suppliers and its third-party advisors shall not be liable for any action taken by the User based on or relying on the information provided in or by the Website.

We will not be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential loss, which may be caused to the User as a result of his/her use of the Website / Website facility.

If the User is dissatisfied with the Website or any portion thereof, the Website facility or with any of these Terms and Conditions, sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using this Website and availing Website facility.

User acknowledge that any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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11. Jurisdiction:

Usage of this Website and these terms and conditions shall always be governed by Indian laws and all disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Chennai.

12. Corporate Information:

Zest Corporate Solutions
Corporate Office: Old No.6, New No.15, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai 600018.
If you have any questions you may contact us at 9840724068