Refund Policy

Phire refund policy (“Refund Policy”) is designed to be fair and equitable to all. The Refund Policy is communicated to candidates prior to enrolling in a course via the Phire website.

To request a refund for a course, candidates must adhere to the Refund Policy and procedures for such request as described below.

  1. Refund Process
    1. To request a refund for a course, the candidate needs to submit the request to withdraw from the course to Phire along with any documents as required by Phire. Phire reviews the request to approve or reject the refund request based on its eligibility defined in Section (III). Phire then informs the candidate about the refund decision, amount and timeline.
  2. Refundable and non-refundable fees
    1. Phire Program fees includes two components:
      1. Refundable fees
      2. Non-refundable fees
      3. Non-refundable fees include Enrollment fees and Administration fees. Non-refundable fees = Enrollment fees + Administration fees
      4. While Enrollment fees vary for different programs, the Administration fees are fixed for every course at INR 15,000.
      5. The remaining fee (Course fees – Non-refundable fees) is considered as Refundable fees.
  3. Refund Eligibility
    1. The candidate can raise a refund request for one (or more) the following reasons if the candidate decides not to pursue the course further:
      1. If the program does not commence within 45 days of the stated program commencement date and the candidate decides not to pursue the course, he/she should raise the refund request before the actual program commencement date. The candidate will be eligible for 100% refund of Refundable fees as mentioned in Section (II). If the refund request is raised after the actual program commencement date, the candidate will not be eligible for refund.
      2. If Phire terminates the program before the program completion date, all candidates will be eligible for 100% refund of full Course fees as mentioned in Section (II).
      3. No refund or credit to the candidates once the program has commenced.
  4. Refund Timeline
    1. Refunds of course fees, if applicable, will be refunded to candidates within 30 days from the date that Phire receives the candidate’s written notice of withdrawal with complete documentation.
  5. Important Points
    1. Refunds will be paid directly to the candidate only.
    2. Phire reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to dismiss a candidate from a program at any time and provide a refund to the candidate pursuant to the stated refund policy above. Candidates who are dismissed from a program due to a violation of Phire’s Code of Conduct are not entitled to any refund.
    3. Phire reserves the right to revise the terms & conditions of this policy without any prior notice.